c0ngrate 2 aina suzaily

a bit or t0o late for me t0 p0st this...hehehe...
it's ok...btw...c0ngrate aina for being the 1st penympai ik0n RTM!!
y0u deserve it...
h0pe y0u success in ur life...wish f0r me t0o...=)
frenz2....l0ng tym n0 see...huhuhu~
miz u all!!!n we'll see again s0on?
n0t to f0rget...a great tx t0 ayh ha,umi n family...
t0 my ehem2...hehehe...
tx f0r c0ming all the way fr0m perak!!!
miz u....lalalalala~

0ne of my feveret sh0w

GG!!! i d0 l0ve this sh0w s0o much!!
specially serena,dan,blair n CHUCK!!l0ve them all...=)
fyi..skg sh0w ni dh seas0n 3...


14 nie no jersey basketball aq.huhu
rindu pulak nk maen basketball cam dlu.
peminat basketball no 1.hakhak

in mem0ry~~~

when i was in navy.hehe,in memories.something
that i'll never forget in my life.miz u all guys!!


aina suzaily nmanye.hehe.niela kwn baek aq.kteorg kenal
dri secondary school,sm sains pasir puteh.ore kelate oo.haha.
dlu kteorg sme2 masok upnm n skang nie bwak haluan masing2.
aina dah masuk penyampai ikon kat rtm 1.rezeki dye kat situ.
lagipun dye mmg berbakat dlm pengacaraan nie.so,mmg dye
kire layak duduk kat situ.to aina:chaiyok2.hehe.hope mu
dapatla jdi pengacara yg terbaek.haha..btw...bes of luck 4 ur final...=)

at this moment

okay.i got to tell u that i d0 have someone special
in my life.hehe.so,its mean that i'm not available
ryte now.ahaha.but,just be friend with me,it's okay!
that's all.buhbye!

the show.

I’m just a little bit caught in the middle
Life is a maze and love is a riddle
I don’t know where to go
Can’t do it alone I’ve tried
and I don’t know why

Slow it down make it stop
or else my heart is going to pop
‘cuz it’s too much, yeah it’s a lot
to be something I’m not

I’m a fool out of love
‘Coz I just can’t get enough

I’m just a little bit caught in the middle
Life is a maze and love is a riddle
I don’t know where to go
I can’t do it alone I’ve tried
And I don’t know why

I am just a little girl lost in the moment
I’m so scared but don’t show it
I can’t figure it out
It’s bringing me down I know
I’ve got to let it go
And just enjoy The Show

The sun is hot in the sky
just like a giant spotlight
The people follow the sign
And synchronize in time
It’s a joke nobody knows
They’ve got a ticket to that show …yeah

P/S:cube fahamkan lirik lagu nie.lirik nie
bagi aq sgt bermakna jugak la.because ade sal
hidup kite.life is a maze n love is a riddle.n life nie
cam just like a show aje.hmm?


4 MisTaKeS iN LifE...
-->EaSiLy jEaL0uS...
---->aLwAys bZ...
------>nEvA tHeRe
n dA w0rSt pArT...
---------->LeTtiNg g0???

n0 0nE hAs aLL dA aNswErS n
s0mEtiMeS dA bEs u cAn d0 iS jUz
ap0l0giZe n f0rGiVe
LeT dA pAsT bE dA pAsT
0tHeR TiMes wE nEeD t0 l0oK t0 dA
fUtUrE n kN0w eVeN whEn wE tHinK
wE'vE sEeN iT aLL
LifE cAn sTiLL sUrpRisE Us n
wE cAn sTiLL sUrPriSe 0uRsElVes...

when i'm feeling sad

when im feeling sad, i feel like s0me0ne has taken all da col0urs away...
n everything is grey n gl0omy n dr0opy...
when im feeling sad i feel like i c0uld cry...n cry...n cry s0oo much that i make a fl0od!
i want t0 crawl int0 bed and pull da c0vers 0ver my head
n stay there until da sadness g0 away...
s0me things make me really sad like when i heard Mum n Dad arguing
0r when i am sick n my b0dy doesnt w0rk pr0perly or when s0meone
0r s0mething i l0ve dies...
its ok t0 let urself feel sad but it c0uld help t0 talk t0 s0me0ne ab0ut it...
sharing ur feelings can s0metimes make u feel better..
when im feeling sad i try t0 be kind n gentle t0 myself...
i like t0 s0ak in a big bubble bath 0r listen t0 my fav0urite music...
s0metimes, just being with friends and family makes me feel better...
even if i d0nt want t0 talk..
but da nicest feeling 0f all is when a kind pers0n gives me a hug and says
" everything is g0ing t0 be 0k "

favourite singers

dorg nie kire favourite singers aq la kirenye.
hehe.lagu2 dorg sumenye best.i really love
to listen song n know what,aq always cam akan
cri lagu2 bru yg best2.n klo aq rse lgu tu cam
suitable ngan aq kire okayla.mmg akan cri lagila
lgu from that singer n akan dengar lagu tu
berulang kali sampai boleh terhafal dgn
sendirinya.haha,mcm2la aq nie.

bakal cikgu

sebut pasal cikgu nie,teringat pulak yg aq nie
bakal cikgu.ahaha,tpi dlm 5 tahun lagi maybe
bru dpt jdi cikgu.mcm mnela nanti ea bile jdi cikgu?
al maklumlah teacher.haha,best jugak dpt kenal
perangai budak2 yg bermcm kerenah.hehe


welcome to my blog.this is my first time
start blogging.so,if u have an idea about
how to make my blog more interesting,
just leave ur words at my cbox so that i will
know about it.i don't really like to write anything
that appear in my mind but when i have my blog,
i feel that i want to share everything that happen
in my life in this blog.that's all from me.got to go.