advice any0ne??

the answer is no thanks. i'm a grown up. i'm okay with my life. i love it. i love the way i lead it. i love to enjoy it in my OWN WAY. and most important is i love the way people just mind their own business. c'mon. i know who i am, who i'm with, what i do with them. i'm not a super good person and i choose to not be one. so what?suck it or leave it! i hate advice when i'm not asking for it. i hate advice when it just to criticize me. i hate advice when it's judging me for who i am. i hate advice when it comes from 'ur mouth'. because i hate u for always think you are right. i hate it!

this is life and this is me. don't ever try to change me without my consent. most important is don't you dare to drag me to your own so called wonderful life.

it's my choice
never be yours


1st skali..jwb la slm 2 dlu ek..
so, i'm back!f0r gud or f0r n0thing???
i pn xta0..huhu
act...aku wat bl0g ni ngn xde hala tuju...hehe
yela..wat pn c0z lect aku suh..dlu2 la 2...
nk delete cm syg gk kn even bkn aku sndri yg wat bl0g ni...oppss!
ha!want 2 c0nfess smthg here t0day..rite here..rite n0w...
i'm guilty c0z...

am I??
n0t dat la yg aku nk gtau...
but the thing is i am guilty..

aku nk p0st skit mke s0rg bdak ni...
p0stS b4 ni sume die yg wat...
xcept yg las p0st aku 2..=)

my n0t-s0-cute lil sis
tx ya!!

pe lg ek?
n0 more idea dh...
so, next tym la ye...